Break Aways (Melts)



For those who love the scent of candles but flame may not be permitted, this is your category!   They are SATURATED with scent.   (Click on image at bottom of page to begin shopping!)


What are Icee Break Aways?  They are wickless candles and are like melting your whole candle at once.  Simply remove from packaging and place in approved Candle Warmer.  Follow the instructions provided with your candle warmer to melt.






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Wax Melts & Melters

How to use:  Place one Icee Break Away square into the melting dish for your warmer.  One square is adequate for smaller warmers that plug directly (due to size) into the wall.  More than two squares are not recommended for a standard table top warmer.  You want a THIN-ish layer of melted wax in your dish.  Too much wax will not allow for proper melting.  If wax doesn't melt, the scent won't be released!  There are 6 (six) squares to a package.  NEVER melt directly on stove-top or in any appliance other than a melter designed specifically for wax melts!


What to expect:  Wax will not disappear.  Scent will eventually evaporate, or "cook" out, of the wax.  In fact, you may see a small wisp of 'steam' rising from the melted wax when warming.  When you aren't getting the scent level you desire, either discard melted wax into trash or allow to harden and pop out and toss.  (If you have trouble removing the wax from your particular melter, place in freezer briefly to harden wax a bit further.)  Any questions, just call us at 440.309.4141 and we will assist you in any way we can!


CAUTION: If melting Break Aways with a tea light vs. electric plug in melter, please make sure the flame is a minimum of 3" from the base of your warming dish.


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