Willow Wood Wick



Wicked Wax & Willow Hand Poured Candles are not new.  In fact, in their own right, they are legend and the quantifiable level of heart and soul and science is evident in EVERY offering.  "Authentic scents" and "OMG, they burn all the wax and last for forever and a day" is what we hear most.  Each candles brings true-to-life scents created carefully, and with a passion for excellence, in our own candle lab.


Wicked Wax & Willow Jars

Wicked Wax & Willow aromas blend with your air and are an unparalleed experience.  Each candle is designed and poured with the goal of enhancing your life, wherever you are.  Each offering provides a gateway by which  memories of moments past feel free to return and dance, dance, dance on the periphery...  




Wicked Wax & Willow candles burn longer.  They saturate the environment with scent longer.  Our Willow Wicks are imported from Germany and are a premium specialty wick  requiring minimal trimming.  We guarantee you will never ever experience a black mushroom with our wicks!


Wax & Scent Formulation


Wicked Wax & Willow's wax blends are of a high melt point and fully refined.  If we wouldn't burn in in our own homes, we sure wouldn't sell it.  As we have always said, anyone will buy a candle once.  With our passion for perfection and respect for the art of chandlery, each of our customers is guaranteed a highly scented, a long lasting and beautiful scent experience.  Every time.  


We have faith that you will be more than thrilled with your Wicked Wax & Willow candle experience. Enjoy.  Be blessed and don't forget to take a moment and BE a blessing... 

NOTE:  If you choose to filter results by "Category", please keep in mind that there are MANY cross-over scents we have to choose to categorize by flavor profile.  For example:  Aloe may be categorized "Herbal & Woodsy" but it is also one of the "Fresh & Clean" aromas, hands-down.  So if you have the time, peruse all 200 of our scents to view your best selection!