Welcome to a higher plane of olfactory experience.  A higher place where extraordinary scents are born; not poured.  Welcome to scents that dance and sparkle; which paint your space the exact shade you want it to be.  Welcome to Wicked Wax & Willow.



Wicked Wax & Willow candles and air care products are NOT artificial-smelling synthetics.  They are a true-to-life olfactory experience that surpasses explanation.  Each scent blend is created to encompass your senses in such a way that gray clouds become sunshine; empty spaces become filled with treasured memories; stress dissipates and one's soul finds peace.  Each fragrance is not poured from a bottle; they are inspired by our passion.


Why Wicked Wax & Willow candle and air care products?  First and foremost, it would be so easy if someone could just invent a scratch-n-sniff screen.  Until then, here's what we believe...  


We believe the best candles are an art; not a production item.  Sure a machine can produce a candle.  But it can't smell it.  It doesn't craft it, stir it or have the capacity to add a little bit o' this or a little less of that to make it PERFECT.  We do.  Want purple vanilla?  Just say so.  Burgundy  Alpine Frost?  It's yours.  And not to state the obvious, but, if you insist on buying the freshest lettuce, why wouldn't you buy the freshest candle?  Not a single Wicked Wax & Willow candle or air care product is born until YOU order it.


We believe that scent is part of the soul.  We don't just make "Lilac".  We create and pour the memory of your favorite Lilac bush growing in Gamma's yard.  We don't just make "Macintosh Apple".  We pour that memory of walking through the orchard on a crisp fall day; when the sky was a brilliant blue and the hayride dropped you off with your little bag and you picked your apples one at a time for that special dessert...  And by the way.  If there's nutmeg and ginger and cinnamon in your apple pie?  You can darn betcha it's in OUR Apple Pie.  Cocoa and butter and sugar in chocolate cake?  Then it's in OUR Texas Sheet Cake...  


We believe chandlery is an art.  We are passionate about what we do and we are honored to serve you and yours with our offerings.  So thank you for spending a minute with us.  You are always welcome here.  And we hope that when you receive your order and open your package?  That you know that you know that you know... it came packed with buckets of hugs and good will just for you.


If you didn't find what you were looking for today, then come back soon.  Be safe.  And until then, remember.  It's a tough world out there.  Live, love and laugh as much as you can.  More importantly?  KNOW you are blessed this day.  And try not to be in too much of a hurry and waste the chance to BE a blessing to someone else.  We promise there's someone out there who is destined to cross your path and could really use your smile :)