December, 2015 - It's been a busy year!  But we've made fantastic use of the time, trust us.  If you are new to WWW, welcome.  Already a part of the family?  Nice to see you again; we value each of you in our hearts.  So, what's new?  If you haven't tried our 15+ hour willow-wood wick votives, there's never been a better time.  No wick trimming and one votive easily scents your entire room.  Not a fan of flikering flame?  Go for the melts; but be prepared for massive deliciousness (is that a word?).  Simply looking to stoke the flames of the fireplace?  Can't miss with our amazing Fire Starters - they burn up to 20 minutes all on their own.  AND they are waterproof, foolproof and disappear in their entirety (we've actually left them in the rain for days and they still light up do their thing perfectly!).  Stay tuned in.  We have some amazing specials coming up to light up your nights!  Ciao!

Customer Review 


"I got my first candles from Wicked, Wax and Willow yesterday. I LOVE them! I bought their Banana Bread to share as part of a package I was working on. It's generally not a scent I would choose but it fit what I was building. I can't stop smelling it! It smells fantastic!!! I may never buy a candle from anywhere else again!!" - MM Snyder




Wicked Wax & Willow Christmas Jar Candle


"There are not enough words to describe how the candles made me feel!  I'm absolutely in love with your product!  The essence is perfect, the presentation flawless, the flame should be called perfect and the ambiance at my home is marvelous!


Perfect for my first day of vacation

Thanks for such a great product!  I'm hooked for life!




P.S. I'm not a photographer by any means but with these I mean to describe what's going on in my house right now!"